Our Kenwild™ Quail

In 1963, Arnold Kennedy developed the Kenwild™ Bobwhite Quail, which is now trademarked and controlled by the Kenwild™ Research Farm (KRW). The Kenwild™ strain is a cross between regular Bobwhite Quail and Wild Quail. These genetics allow for Holly Spring’s birds to be released early and create the ideal situation for restocking, hunt clubs, and game preserves. The birds are extremely hearty and are known for their superior endurance and flight performance.  

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Our top-notch facilities include a secured pen, over 400 feet long and 60 feet wide (longer than a football field). The facility directly improves the health and quality of the birds you purchase from us and produces a bird that takes-off and ascends rapidly.


Arrange a visit to tour the farm facilities and see our quail in an exceptionally and well-maintained development facility. The care of our quail, from chicks to mature birds, is a critical priority.

Our History & Philosophy

Our 400-acre farm has been in the family for generations. We are not new to raising birds; the farm raised poultry for Tyson and Holly Farms for many years prior to becoming a game bird facility. We pride ourselves on transparency and the highest customer service. Regardless of whether you purchase a few birds or several hundred birds, you still are guaranteed superior-quality birds at affordable prices.

Our Feeding Program

Our quail receive the highest quality all natural feed—no antibiotics, animal fat, or animal protein is used. Our feed is a special blend of plant extracts, which promotes gastrointestinal health and advances overall well-being and muscular strength. Our birds are constantly monitored to ensure proper hydration, ventilation, light, temperature and any required medication.

What You Need to Know

Please feel free to come to our facility for bird pick up. However, we happily offer delivery to your destination using secure containers. Call to find out how delivery works and how much notice we need to make sure you get your birds when you want.

If you are in the area, feel free to directly call our on-site Farm Manager, at 434-607-5728.

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